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Elevate your Agent Attraction Game!

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Somehow Realtors have a hard time attacking Agent Attraction. I’ll be honest with you it is a bit different than selling real estate, but in the end of the day we are “selling”. We just need to learn the NEW PRODUCT, have new systems and objection handling and voila… 

Let’s learn new agent attraction skills and mindset! 

I will share my BEST tips and tricks to help you Agent Attract in 2023 and GROW a TEAM or DOWNLINE.

What will be
covered in this Webinar:
  • DON'T BE A SECRET AGENT: If someone goes to your social media profile, can this person tell who YOU are?
  • INSTAGRAM BIO: What's the first impression that you want to give?
  • INSTAGRAM FEED: Consistency/Tone/Content
  • ​INSTAGRAM FEATURES: How to use them in the best way!
  • DON'T SELL YOUR BROKERAGE, SELL YOUR SUCCESS: Make them know what changed your life!
  • ATTRACTION: Don't cold call, don't door knocking, show them the good life, so they will want that and they will come to you  to make part of that too.
  • RETENTION: Retention is different from attraction, you need to have your system in place to make them stay with you!
  • EXPERIENCE: If they love the experience they have with you, they will make the whole world know.
  • WHAT GETS CELEBRATED, GETS DUPLICATED: It is important to show your agents that they matter and they are special!
  • TOOLS FOR ATTRACTION: I will share the tools that I use to attract new agents!
  • HOW TO ATTRACT: I will show you how I attract my agents!
  • ​NETWORK: You will learn how I created my network and how I maintain it!
  • TRACKERS: I will show you the best way to track your progress!
  • Begin with the end in mind: You can't go anywere if you dont know where you want to go!
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